Show Sunday: Hunt Cup

At the end of January, I went to the Hunt Cup show in Queen Creek. L (the other girl who was riding that show), my trainer, a few other people and I went down to the show on Saturday to get the horses settled into their stalls and used to the show grounds.

On Sunday, I got to the show grounds late and had to rush to get tacked up to warm up. After warming up, L rode in Walk/Trot. I believe they got champion of their division! Seeing as I wasn’t riding in the first classes of my division (W/T/C Crossrail), I actually had time to take pictures of her.

Dixie (L’s pony)


After Walk/Trot, I got Radar tacked up, right as my trainer had to tack up her horse to go in jumpers! I freaked out as I was warming up  and my trainer was showing her horse, while people were riding in the crossrail classes. Luckily, the timing worked out okay. My first two classes were Crossrail Rider Hunter, and in both I got 6th out of 7 entries.

Random dynamic pose


The third class of the day for Radar and I was Crossrail Rider Eq O/F where I got 4 out of 7.


Then we had two flat classes where we placed 4th out of 9 and 2nd out of 7.

Now to the interesting stories of the weekend. Sadly, there were 2 slightly scary moments. The first was on Saturday during schooling. We were jumping over little gates (background of 1st Radar picture) because my trainer didn’t want to take down the gates to make crossrails. now, gates aren’t anything new to us, we’ve been schooling them at home for a while, but this show was the 1st time I have ever jumped at a show (only new years resolution completed). We did a line, Radar got excited after and did a mini buck, I lost my stirrup and both my trainer and I thought I was going to fall off. Somehow I managed to stay on and get Radar to stop cantering. Sadly, no one was there to take pictures, and that would have been interesting to see.

The second thing happened on Sunday. It was as I was getting on, andL was getting off. My trainer was holding Radar for me to get on, the problem was I normally have somewhat slack reins and let him walk a step when I get on. My trainer didn’t do this, and Radar reared and started backing, almost into Dixie. Luckily the issue was resolved before anybody got hurt.

Before I go, I leave you with some pictures and a self reminder that I need to arch my back. DSC_0131

DSC_0098DSC_0107 DSC_0138


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