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Model Horses

She Moved To Texas talked about her model horse background today! Go check it out!


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I meant to write a long blog post today, but Snafflez distracted me. If you have a day to burn, go to that site. If not, don’t look.

From Snafflez: “Snafflez is a simple website where you can create a horse, design a pony, choose colors and dress your horse to look like your own.”

I made these, as well as others.



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Hunter Princess Blog Hop

She Moved to Texas is hosting their last Hunter Princess Blog Hop, and just as I joined!

The question is: What would you do/change if you had no limits on your inner princess

I would no longer be a hunter princess, I would be a three day eventing star. With a barn full of OTTBs. Yes, you read that right. I would choose thoroughbreds over anything else. Except for a friesian. So my barn would have a bunch of OTTBs, a friesian & some Welsh Ponies.ImageImage


They would all be fed and have stalls managed be workers. The stable would have 16×16 stalls, with each leading out to a small personal pasture. There would also be larger pastures. To accommodate the amount of tack needed for that many horses, there would be a huge tack room. There would also be shelves with glass casing around built into an area that would take up the space of a stall. It would display my collection of model horses, painted by only the best painters, that was a portrait of each one of my real horses. Of course, the whole property would be fenced.

To train for three day eventing, there would have to be an arena with jumps in them. A dressage arena and cross country course would also be necessary.  

My horses would wear only the finest tack, and each horse would have a different saddle for each discipline. Each would also have multiple bridles, and boots/polo wraps. Everything I owned would be in stable colors (probably blue & purple).

For shows I would wear only the finest, well, everything! My horses would be braided professionally, and at each show I would have someone professional taking videos, & professional someone taking photos.

I hope this doesn’t deviate too much from Hunter Princesses!



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Bucket List

Little Bay Princess blog is having a blog hop about bucket lists and I thought I would join in! (While avoiding writing an essay that’s due tomorrow. Yikes!) Surprisingly, I have to think a little about what I want to do.

      1.  Ride a english horse at a big gymkhana.

I’ve ridden an english horse at a gymkhana, but we only trotted.(Picture edited)

 Screen Shot 2013-06-26 at 8.49.01 PM    
2. Compete at the Olympics for three day eventing.

I want to do three day eventing, so this isn’t that far off!

      3. Raise a horse from birth to death.

Train it too!

      4. Own a dapple gray thoroughbred.

More of a dream then anything. Probably happened because of the two books below.


      5. Win at Rolex.

Once again, I want to be a three day event rider, so this isn’t too far off.

      6. Drive a pony in a show. Preferably combined driving. With only one pony.

Ponies! Ponies ponies ponies ponies ponies!



7. Ride a draft horse barrel racing. Preferably a percheron.

They’re big! And it could be a couch when I’m done! (Pictures for #7 from Braymere Custom Saddlery)


8. Ride a pony on the beach and through the water!

I have a slight pony obsession.



All photos, except for pole bending, in this post don’t belong to me.



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