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Yesterday I cantered bareback for the first time on Radar. I had done it previously on Valentine, but she is much closer to the ground, so it didn’t seem as scary. 



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About Me

She Moved to Texas Posted a blog a while that about this or that and I thought I would answer with my this or thats.

Appaloosas or Pintos: Appaloosas, although Pintaloosas are cute
Palomino or Buckskin: They’re both pretty!
Bay or Chestnut: Dark bay, preferably with dapples, although the horse I ride now is chestnut, so really either is fine
Star or Stripe: Star
Mare or Gelding: Mare! I don’t know why everyone is so opposed to them.
Quarter Horses or Arabians: Arabians
Fjord or Haflinger: Both!
Clydesdale or Percheron: Percheron
Thoroughbred or Warmblood: Thoroughbred, as my dream horse is a dapple grey Thoroughbred
Saddlebreds or Tennessee Walkers: Neither
Connemara or Welsh Pony: Both!
Cross Country or Fox Hunting: Cross Country
Equitation Under Saddle or Hunter Under Saddle: Hunter Under Saddle, although I have been reserve champion for Equitation, and Equitation/Hunter Reserve Champion.
SSCE 24 Feb 13 -- 1006
Hunters or Jumpers: I currently ride Hunter, but I want to ride Jumper.
Dressage or Cross Country: Cross Country
Local or Rated Shows: Local
One Day or Weekend Shows: One day, I haven’t been to any weekend shows.
County or Antares: Um, sadly I don’t know what these are, as I haven’t been in the horse world for that long.
Flash or Figure 8: I don’t care between these two, I prefer neither, but if I absolutely had to choose one, I would choose Figure 8.
Polo Wraps or Boots: Boots! I hate putting on polos (probably because I stink at it).
Standing Wraps or Shipping Boots: I don’t really care.
Square Pads or Baby Pads: Baby Pads
Standing or Running Martingale: Neither
Ariat or Tailored Sportsman: Ariat
Traditional or Technical Fabric Jackets: It doesn’t really matter to me.
Field Boots or Dress Boots: Paddock Boots
Black Jacket or Navy Jacket: I prefer black, but I have had two navy jackets, so it doesn’t make that much of an impact.
Spurs or no Spurs: No Spurs preferably, I will use very light ones if absolutely needed.
Crop or no Crop: Only if needed, like for the pony!
Charles Owen or GPA: Neither.

I hope you learned more about me! The final thing you should know is that this blog will be talking about both real and model horse topics.

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New Blog!

I have created a new blog for failed horse ads!

View it at


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I don’t have much time today, so another short post for me to type. This is a story I had to write for my Writing class. The story had to be fantasy or science fiction, so this is what I came up with. It could only be 3 pages long. The ending is weird, because I didn’t know how I wanted to end it. *End edited, but original kept.

Only a Beginning

“Come on, we’re already late. Alwin will be wondering where we are,” I whispered into the ear of one of my few true friends. Opus just snorted in reply. We ran through the woods, him with just gigantic strides, while I was just trying to stay on his well formed Warmblood back. Suddenly he jumped and I just barely managed to stay on his back. As we cantered off I scolded myself for becoming so sedate while running through the interstice between my and Alwin’s houses. Opus froze and I fell over his head before landing on the ground, uninjured. For a moment the land looked terra incognita, then I realized we had reached Alwin’s house. I stood up and patted Opus.

“Thanks boy, but couldn’t you have slowed down before stopping?” I remarked. He just nodded his head in reply. Just then Alwin walked out. He was as similar to me as wood is to a horse, but we were best friends and had been as long as I could remember.

“Want to go on a ride?” I asked.

“Sure,” he said, even though he does not like horses. A smile so sweet that ice cream would melt lit up my face.

“Who do you want to ride?” I said as an obiter dictum, because I knew the answer.

“Radar,” was his retort. Radar was my most sane horse for beginners riding alone. I whistled a simple four note tune and Opus unfroze, coming from his state of inanimacy. I whispered into his ear and he was off. What felt like seconds later two horses came galloping up. The first was a horse a pretty shade of brown, a color so very different than mud. The second was my pure white mare, Rose. Rose was deaf, so I could not use my usual form of actually talking with her. I superseded it with a power I had stumbled upon accidentally, mind-speak. The two horses stopped and I prepared to help Alwin get on.

“Thanks Mia,” he said, as if it were an epigram, when he was mounted.

I swung easily onto Rose and we were off. I never felt as free anywhere as on a horse. The wind blowing through my hair as I forgot about everything suddenly stopped. I looked over and saw a fuzzy pony standing in the way. I almost fell off of Rose as I had a feeling of déjà vu.


The words came out of my mouth before I had fully realized what I had wanted to say. I knew I had to take him in immediately. I whispered to him to come, and he obeyed and followed.

I felt something strange before I even reached home. There were no whinnies, the whinnies that I could translate into human words, and Jack and Radar had tensed up. Rose did not notice until a little closer, when I noticed. There were guards standing by my front door. I urged Rose into a faster pace at the same time I noticed that Jack was gone. When I reached the house, I communicated with Rose telling her to keep Alwin back. I walked through the back door of my house and pretended I had been there the whole time when the guards knocked, for they seemed to have just arrived there. I suddenly recognized them. Palace guards! Before I could wonder what they were there for, I was grabbed.

“We have been informed you have special powers. That makes you very desirable to the Queen and King,” one, who looked like the leader, said, “Tell us what that secret is, or we will hurt one of your horses.”

“I can talk to horses,” I willing admitted, for I had a much bigger secret.

“Is that your only power?”


“We know you have more.”

“I can talk to their minds.”

“Take her away men!”

I began to struggle as I was dragged away. Suddenly an Icelandic pony was upon one of the guards holding me. Lola, my pony, attacked the other one. They let go at the same time, so I was free and ran towards the woods. As I turned around, I saw two guards fall to the ground, with five already there. I turned back around, disgusted.

When Lola and Jack came to me, I realized I could read Jack’s mind easier than any other one. As Alwin was walking up behind me, I saw a flash before my eyes and there was a boy standing where Jack had been. Alwin fainted into my arms as I realized why I could read his mind so easily. I handed over Alwin to him and showed him the secret I had shown no one, not even Alwin. I transformed into a light dapple grey thoroughbred with a wild mane and tail. Alwin had awoken by this time and looked questionably at me. I transformed back and said, “I knew I recognized Jack, because he was my best friend in another world.” I told Alwin the story of knowing Jack, but that is a story I will retell another time. A day without friends to spend time with in the woods.*




*Original End, taken off where the asterisk  is: For I shall live longer than anyone can imagine, even Jack will not stay with me the whole time. The reason to that is a story for another day.

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I just figured out that I am going to NAN for the first time!

Feel free to go back to your lives now.

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I abandoned this blog! Sorry about that! I have a real post in the works for later today or tomorrow.

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